M020 2/3 Banners

What are M020 2/3 Banners?

M020 2/3 banners are designed to fit on all devices. With that in mind, you need to create 2 version of M020 banners. One for desktop and tablets, and one for mobiles . These will be loaded within the same element, and the correct version will be displayed depending on the customers screen size.
M020 2/3 banners are displayed at the top of a category landing page, which customers can reach via browsing the Argos categories.

 Think mobile first!

Mobile devices account for more than half of customer browsing the Argos website, so keep this in mind when designing your banners.

2/3 Demo

How to create M020 Banners

Our guidelines and template allow you to use your own branding in banners you create. However, we do have guidelines within each template to stipulate how much of the banner should be occupied with copy and logos, as well as ensuring your design takes into consideration adequate bleed and padding. The template can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Template Areas

2/3 desktop/tablet dimensions 2/3 Mobile dimensions
  1. Padding

    Try to avoid having text, logos, or product images in this area.

  2. Grid

    Use this grid to fit your copy and logos into the number of allocated blocks.

  3. Safe area

    This area should show on all desktop screens.

  4. Bleed

    This area is likely to be hidden on desktop screens, but shown on tablets and some mobile devices. Make sure your background fills the entire banner, including this area.

Content Allowances

2/3 desktop/tablet allowances 2/3 mobile allowances

There are certain content restrictions which must be followed.



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Get the template

Be sure to use our template when creating your banner. The guides and position of components are all in place and ready to use.

Download PSD Templates

Have you checked your assets?

To avoid delays and issues, be sure to check that your assets and files meet our guidelines before sending them to us.
We've included some things to check below.

If you require additional design guidance, please contact our design team.